Does Wealth Bring You Optimism?

Wealth can be seen as either something good or something bad. Wealth is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. How we use it is what makes it either good or bad. Wealth on its own does not satisfy us. However it does refine the quality of things, which makes us feel good. It can bring us luxurious things and sumptuous meals that can never be afforded by any ordinary man. However, it can never give us the satisfaction that … Read More..

I’m 26 And Already In Debt

It is easy to plunge into debt in a short time, but very difficult to come out of it. When you consider making the minimum payments, it may take ages to pay off the debt. It is paramount that you tackle your credit card debt so that you free up more money to allow you to meet bigger financial obligations. Thought I am still in debt, I have been working on it. There are a couple of strategies that I … Read More..

Creating a Spending Plan for Myself

When it comes to budgeting, young adults may not know where to get started. There are some important items you need to consider whether you’re in college, working, or just starting out on your own. Learning how to create your spending plan is key in making sure that you have a sound start to your financial stability in the future. Here are some ideas and tips to create a spending plan for young adults in your family.

Be Realistic on … Read More..

How I’m Trying To Make Extra Money

Making money as a young adult can seem like a daunting task. Especially in this day and age things have drastically changed from when I was a young adult. Thankfully, making money still is possible and there are even new ways to try and fund your budget. Here are some of the ways I made fast money as a young adult and you can to.

Babysitting (My worst idea)
Offer your babysitting services to nearby families in your area. You … Read More..

Tips and Tricks I’m Learning To Be Financially Responsible

It’s no secret that even people who know how to control their spending, sometimes they find themselves going overboard. Being financially responsible is something that can create financial security and stability. Unless you have been hit hard by a debt or an unexpected expense, you may not know how to be responsible with your finances. Knowing the tricks and tips to remain financially responsible can get you out of the pile of mounting debts and feeling insecure. These tips can … Read More..

Tricks I Do Every day To Remind Myself to be More Positive

Often, I fall prey to effects of negative thinking because I cannot make changes in life, which allow me to be more positive. Being positive can make you face challenges in a more coherent manner. It makes you happy and you can meet your work, home, or business goals. Life is never a straight path; you will encounter ups and downs. However, the downs do not have to make you feel like you are at a dead end. You can … Read More..

How Being A Pessimist Ruins All My Relationships

Being pessimistic can make you feel that you cannot do anything good to yourself or achieve a goal. When you are in a relationship, you want to hope for the better even when things seem to be downbeat. In the past, I have been pessimistic over life and this has caused me a lot of pain and failure to achieve my goals. I cannot pursue my career objective confidently. My family is always in chaos and I’m not ready to … Read More..

Debating If Quitting My Job Will Make Me Happy

Sometimes, I’m confused whether I should quit my job or not. When you want to relinquish your work duties for something else, you are trying to seek fulfillment and get something that you enjoy. I have been working a job that I don’t like. The mornings I wake up to head to work, they are never some of the best times for me. I just wish this could end but I do not know how to go about it. The … Read More..

How My Happiness, Work, Relationships All Affect Each other

Happiness brings mental and emotional well being that promotes the contentment and joy in you. When you are in harmony with your physical, mental, and social well being, you find that you are attaining fulfillment in your life whether at workplace or home. Work environment can be affected differently by the state of your mental wellness and happiness. Your relationships with fiance or friends may also be affected by happiness. Here are ways in which happiness, work, and relationships interrelate … Read More..

Do Happy People Save More Money?

When you lead a happy life, it is mostly likely that you will save money. You may wonder what the relationship between living happily and saving money is. Have you ever asked yourself why when you go shopping when stressed out? You spend unnecessarily. Unhappy life can hit hard on your finances. Here are reasons why happy people tend to save more money than unhappy individuals.

Less stress, less consciousness in spending
When you are stressed out, you are not … Read More..