How Your Style Affects Your Positivity

Not everyone is created equal. And more than half of “everyone” is not lucky enough to be born with great bodily features. In fact, roughly 70 % of adult Americans are considered overweight and obese. To be able to spot a regular, normal-sized non-celebrity while walking down the street is becoming quite a rarity really. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s almost close to impossible, if you come to really look at and accept facts and statistics.

The point is that we all have our own personal differences, preferences and style. “To each his own,” so the cliché goes. And your personal style can really take a toll on your positivity. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can somehow shed a little more love for yourself. Read on and decide which of the tips below is sheer nonsense and which are well worth trying out.

If you can’t change your body, then change your style.
There are slim and supermodel-like bodies, there are plain and ordinary ones that may have unwanted fat stores in specific areas, and there are plus-size ones. But your body should not define who you truly are. If you’re through with all the ridiculously depriving diet plans, then perhaps it’s time to try changing your personal style instead. Learn to accept and embrace your curves. Forget about self-deprivation and unobtainable goals. Love and respect your body. Wanting it to be clean and healthy, instead of wanting it to be perfect is the smartest thing to do. If you feel healthy and comfortable with your body, your positivity might just improve a notch.
Look good and feel good.
Who says men and women with imperfect bodies can’t look good? Even plus size-women can do extremely advanced Yoga poses with great control, grace and elegance. Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean looking perfect. Even perfect-figured celebrities look ridiculous in their fashion choices sometimes.
The key is to look clean, decent and respectable, and to be able to “carry” whatever style you choose. Opting for cooler shades that match and emphasize your hair and eye color might also help. And don’t forget: A genuine smile pulls off even the most outlandish fashion statements.
Laugh more. Love more. Live more.
Perhaps laughing more, loving more, and appreciating things more is the solution, instead of some superficial change in the bodily aspect. Love and laughter costs nothing; you can afford it even when you’re broke. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the path to real positivity in life.

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