How To Handle Negative Friends

Life is hard enough and full of reasons to be negative, so it is important that people do not add to this. However, there are people that will always try to find ways to get at us with negativity. Allowing such people into our lives may have detrimental effects that if not handled well, we might find ourselves thinking like they do. Over the years, as a marathon athlete, I have come across a lot of negativity from people who thought I would not make it this far. Learning how to handle them is one thing that hugely impacted how I dealt with them.

Setting boundaries and making them clear
One characteristic of negative people is that they have no boundaries and so they do not expect others to have any. I have learned that as long as I allow them, they will always want to enter my life even to the very secret parts without being invited. The negative energy then seeps into my life and affects the kind of attitude I have towards things that matter to me such as athletics and sports.

I have taught myself not to feel the pressure of always sitting and listening to what they have to say. I set limits and ensure they do not cross over to my side. I ensure I spend very limited time with them without feeling sorry, and end conversations when they start negative talks without an apology.

Choosing battles to fight
The fact is, I cannot engage in every battle that comes my way even if I want to. If I did this, this will suck the life out of me and over time, this interferes with my performance. I do not engage in arguments with negative people; this has helped me avoid the toxic infiltration that comes with such.

By ignoring negative comments, I do not appear argumentative, helping me have a better control of the situation, which keeps such issues from escalating. Taking the higher road has earned me respect in several occasions as I have learned to walk away from unnecessary conversations that would otherwise drag me into unnecessary fights.
Developing a positive attitude
As a sportsman, happiness is one of the things that improves my performance, hence the chances of success. This means that my happiness is so important that I cannot let negativity override it. Developing a positive attitude has helped me deal with negative opinions that are aimed towards bringing me down. Develop positivity by reducing the time spent with negative people; replace them with positive people, people who have the same motives as you. Over time this translates into a huge positive attitude, hence better performance.

I identify the areas in my life that need to be adjusted today and aim at improving them with a positive attitude. Most negative people erect the barrier of negativity as a way of protecting themselves. I do not allow them to take advantage of me. My happiness is so precious that I should not allow anyone to interfere with it.

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