How Health Reflects On Our Attitude

In the world of sports, we have seen people who have won trophies and medals in seasons they were battling health and fitness. This is because they found a way to keep being positive in the midst of poor health. However, this hasn’t happened to all athletes, as some have lost hope with their health, leading to the end of their seasons or even careers. I have been able to learn that when we allow our health to reflect on our attitude, the results sometimes are not the best. Issues such as bitterness, unforgiveness, pride and jealousy come along.


The place of positivity
Being positive has enabled me to have a broader perspective of my world, and over time, it has piled up to become a habit. This has helped me be able to maintain a flourishing and sustainable positive thinking. Poor health can be as a result of lack of positivity. The moments I have allowed negativity to enter my system, it is reflected by my health.

My movements are slowed down, my focus is inhibited and my brain cannot function at its best. This makes me feel like I just want to lie down and sleep. When I started developing a positive attitude, this slowly ensured that even in my low moments, I can still keep going because I understand that such situations are temporal.

Effects of negativity
Negativity has the ability to alter how our system works even without us knowing. Chronic stress that stems out of negativity leads to helplessness and hopelessness by upsetting the body’s hormonal balance. It also reduces the chemicals in the brain that are associated with happiness. When this happens, the immune system is also interfered with.

Recent research shows that negativity also has the ability to reduce our lifespan. Diseases such as hypertension, cardiac arrest, and digestive disorders can be a result of poorly managed or suppressed anger.

Even with poor health, attitude on the other hand can lead to speedy healing process. Doctors have found out that patients with positive attitude towards life or medication have the tendency to recover and heal fast. Patients with bad attitudes tend to skip medication, which leads to delayed recovery process.

Developing a positive attitude stimulates faster recovery sometimes even without medication. In a nutshell, the length of a poor health can be a reflection of the attitude of the person with the condition, hence the better the attitude, the shorter the healing process.

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