How Happiness Is Leading Me To Success

The person who came up with the old adage that says “don’t worry be happy” seems to have known the power of happiness before most of us even existed. He or she may have had their reasons to say so, but the fact is, we all need to be happy to keep things going. As an athlete, there are many discouraging factors that make it hard to live a fully happy life. Losing a competition, having issues with friends and family, dealing with rivalry as well as injuries and health are just but a few factors that can interfere with an athlete’s happiness. But the fact is, staying happy has a huge impact on how successful I can be as an athlete.

Most people think that happiness is a result of success; this could be true since we all celebrate success. But if we treat success this way, we may live a life full of frustration while waiting to be happy when successful. What happens in case of failure? The reality is that, successful people learned to be happy before they became successful. Below are a few ways that happiness can led me to success.
A general feeling of good health
Health is an important factor that every athlete cannot ignore, so it is important for me to keep healthy in every way possible. My success as an athlete hugely depends on how healthy and how fit I am; I cannot compete at my best if I am not healthy. A broken spirit is one of the ways that interferes with my emotional and psychological health.

Research has shown that people who are constantly happy have a tendency to constantly feel healthy and perform at optimum levels. This also translates to them feeling less pain compared to moody people. This does not mean that happy people do not fall ill, but even when they are ill, they have the strength to get back to shape quickly.

An ability to perform better
Performance begins with attitude; in most cases, those who have a negative attitude have the tendency of performing poorly especially when the tasks are complex. One way of ensuring that I have a better performance is by having a positive attitude towards the task. The first step to keeping a positive attitude towards complex tasks is to ensure that I am constantly happy.

Gloominess draws a lot of energy out of my body that I would have otherwise used to do more. Of course, it is not exclusive that all moody people are poor performers, but a good number are.
An ability to have an enhanced creativity
It has been a personal experience; whenever I am angry, it becomes hard for me to think out of the box. Emotions such as anger, sadness and regret inhibit my ability to tap into the creative side of my brain. This reduces me to an average performer since I can only go that far. When I am happy, I get into a playful mood that opens up the clogs on the channels leading to creativity. In such moments, my thinking is original and flexible, making me look like a great performer.

Ability to resolve conflicts better
As an athlete, I get into conflicts with fellow athletes, coaches and other people. This does not mean that we are enemies but it is just how life is designed. We always find ourselves in conflicts sometimes even without anticipating. When I am happy, I tend to approach things soberly and with more rationale.

As opposed to walking away leaving conflicts unresolved, I take them on and ensure that they are solved so that they do not overlap into other things. When I am in a happy mood, I tend to lean more towards collaboration as opposed to competition.

Being happy has allowed me to make milestones in my life pursuits. However, I cannot deny that there are times I have to deal with the challenges of life and I find myself unhappy. The good thing is that I can deal with the ill emotions and cope with them easily.

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