How Blogging Is Helping My Negativity

Each and every individual person is different in a variety of ways. “One man’s food is another man’s poison,” so the saying goes. One person may love the color neon green; another may find it totally appalling. Most people may idolize the Kardashians and fanatically follow every single, insignificantly boring detail of their controversial lives; others may find the scandalous clan utterly annoying, ridiculous and downright absurd. Such is human nature.

On a deeper note, one person may choose to look at life through the hopeful and discriminating eyes of a positive thinker. Another may choose to clearly see and accept reality as it is, and not try to misleadingly label the bitter as “sweet.”

Keeping It Real
Here’s the problem with being too much of an optimist. We can’t simply make believe that things aren’t that bad, when in fact they really are. It’s like when you lose an arm or a leg; well-meaning friends may try and “cheer” you up and say, “At least you didn’t lose the other one.” It’s like a sick joke made recklessly out of context. “Look on the bright side!” they say. And it’s not totally wrong, admittedly, to look on the brighter side of things. It’s just that there are certain life situations that call for accepting bitter realities instead of having them sprinkled with sugary sweet stuff.

The Non-existent War Between Negative and Positive
Negativity is not totally a bad thing, if you come to really think of it. It’s an inevitable part of life that somehow or other reminds us that it is not all sweet and pleasant here. The world is like a house made of candy. Behind the sweet façade is a witch waiting to snatch you away.

We experience both positive and negative things. That’s life. Both polarities are necessary for a magnet to function. Similarly, both negative and positive experiences are necessary for a person to live a full life.

Dealing with Negativity
Life will sometimes drag us down, make us lose our composure, and break us down into smithereens. But I personally choose to be a wise optimist, looking at the better side of things and appreciating what I do have instead of what I don’t have, without superficially masking negativity with false positivity. And blogging has really helped me deal with negativity. Instead of sulking and keeping all those destructive negative thoughts to myself, I am able to share and somehow express my burdens through this outlet.

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