How Happiness Is Leading Me To Success

The person who came up with the old adage that says “don’t worry be happy” seems to have known the power of happiness before most of us even existed. He or she may have had their reasons to say so, but the fact is, we all need to be happy to keep things going. As an athlete, there are many discouraging factors that make it hard to live a fully happy life. Losing a competition, having issues with friends and … Read More..

How Your Style Affects Your Positivity

Not everyone is created equal. And more than half of “everyone” is not lucky enough to be born with great bodily features. In fact, roughly 70 % of adult Americans are considered overweight and obese. To be able to spot a regular, normal-sized non-celebrity while walking down the street is becoming quite a rarity really. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s almost close to impossible, if you come to really look at and accept facts and … Read More..

Debating If Quitting My Job Will Make Me Happy

Sometimes, I’m confused whether I should quit my job or not. When you want to relinquish your work duties for something else, you are trying to seek fulfillment and get something that you enjoy. I have been working a job that I don’t like. The mornings I wake up to head to work, they are never some of the best times for me. I just wish this could end but I do not know how to go about it. The … Read More..

How My Happiness, Work, Relationships All Affect Each other

Happiness brings mental and emotional well being that promotes the contentment and joy in you. When you are in harmony with your physical, mental, and social well being, you find that you are attaining fulfillment in your life whether at workplace or home. Work environment can be affected differently by the state of your mental wellness and happiness. Your relationships with fiance or friends may also be affected by happiness. Here are ways in which happiness, work, and relationships interrelate … Read More..

Do Happy People Save More Money?

When you lead a happy life, it is mostly likely that you will save money. You may wonder what the relationship between living happily and saving money is. Have you ever asked yourself why when you go shopping when stressed out? You spend unnecessarily. Unhappy life can hit hard on your finances. Here are reasons why happy people tend to save more money than unhappy individuals.

Less stress, less consciousness in spending
When you are stressed out, you are not … Read More..

How Running is Making Me a More Positive Person

When I first started running marathons, I thought that the only thing I could get from it was a healthier lifestyle. Indeed, my health has improved and I feel more fit nowadays than I used to  before. But besides the health I have attained, I also face life in a positive way. Here are ways running marathons is helping me live a positive life.

Connecting with people
When you meet people and interact during marathons, you build your social network. … Read More..

Why I Love Running Marathons

Sports activities are a good way to keep fit by remaining active. I have heard and seen how inactive life can result in health problems. I have a passion for running marathons and every day I wake early in the morning for a few steps around the homestead and on the nearby stretch of road. While my main reason for running is to keep my body in good form and shape, I have also discovered that there are many other … Read More..