Top Five Things to Worry About While Traveling

Traveling for the first time can be nerve wracking. I still remember my first big trip alone, flying from Seattle all the way to Hong Kong. Learning has had its ups and downs, but nothing compares to conquering the unknowns of this world. Traveling has inspired me so much that I feel the need to share some of the most important lessons I have learned thus far. Take note of these tips and you will save yourself some serious headaches.… Read More..

How To Handle Negative Friends

Life is hard enough and full of reasons to be negative, so it is important that people do not add to this. However, there are people that will always try to find ways to get at us with negativity. Allowing such people into our lives may have detrimental effects that if not handled well, we might find ourselves thinking like they do. Over the years, as a marathon athlete, I have come across a lot of negativity from people who … Read More..

How Health Reflects On Our Attitude

In the world of sports, we have seen people who have won trophies and medals in seasons they were battling health and fitness. This is because they found a way to keep being positive in the midst of poor health. However, this hasn’t happened to all athletes, as some have lost hope with their health, leading to the end of their seasons or even careers. I have been able to learn that when we allow our health to reflect on … Read More..

Top Things That Bring Out Negative Habits

Negative habits range from the little things, such as nose-picking or nail-biting, and up to more major issues like smoking, drinking or drug dependence. They can be quite problematic and life-altering, having the lethal potential to destroy you as an individual, your relationships, and your obligations in life.

On a deeper note, these nasty habits are not actually the problem themselves. They are, in fact, symptoms that point to a more profound problem. Here are some of the root causes … Read More..

How Blogging Is Helping My Negativity

Each and every individual person is different in a variety of ways. “One man’s food is another man’s poison,” so the saying goes. One person may love the color neon green; another may find it totally appalling. Most people may idolize the Kardashians and fanatically follow every single, insignificantly boring detail of their controversial lives; others may find the scandalous clan utterly annoying, ridiculous and downright absurd. Such is human nature.

On a deeper note, one person may choose … Read More..

Tricks I Do Every day To Remind Myself to be More Positive

Often, I fall prey to effects of negative thinking because I cannot make changes in life, which allow me to be more positive. Being positive can make you face challenges in a more coherent manner. It makes you happy and you can meet your work, home, or business goals. Life is never a straight path; you will encounter ups and downs. However, the downs do not have to make you feel like you are at a dead end. You can … Read More..

How Being A Pessimist Ruins All My Relationships

Being pessimistic can make you feel that you cannot do anything good to yourself or achieve a goal. When you are in a relationship, you want to hope for the better even when things seem to be downbeat. In the past, I have been pessimistic over life and this has caused me a lot of pain and failure to achieve my goals. I cannot pursue my career objective confidently. My family is always in chaos and I’m not ready to … Read More..

Why I Love Running Marathons

Sports activities are a good way to keep fit by remaining active. I have heard and seen how inactive life can result in health problems. I have a passion for running marathons and every day I wake early in the morning for a few steps around the homestead and on the nearby stretch of road. While my main reason for running is to keep my body in good form and shape, I have also discovered that there are many other … Read More..