About Me

Michael Martinez.

Pessimist turning optimist.

Marathon runner.

Broke young adult.


My Good Blog is my little project to making everything in my life right. From my relationships, to my job, to my finances, and everything else that I encounter in day to day life. I’m only 26, I figure I should start working on bettering myself now rather than later! You could say I have rich taste, made obvious by how thin my wallet has gotten over the past few years of adulthood. My relationships could use some work, since they never seem to last long. Then there’s my job.. I hate it, but I figure everyone hates their job.


Which brings me to creating this blog. Instead of just dwelling on the negatives everyday I thought I needed something to get me on track to a more positive mindset. I’ve always been a sharer and I find myself going out of my way sometimes to share my own ideas with others. Put two and two together, I’m hoping this is the kick I need to pull the trigger on my nasty habits of negativity! Enjoy as I overshare life stories, hurdles of negativity, and my marathon to a positive future.